Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday busy ness

Yay it's Friday! I always seem to be the most busiest on a Friday, and today is no exception. I was aked on Tuesday if I could attend a ladies evening tonight which I gladly agreed to and have been frantically making more jewellery in preperation. I always worry that I won't have enought to fill a table. So today I've got to buy some more picture frames for my jewellery stands, and make some more price tags. Added to that, I also have a 5 yr boy on half term, and boring non crafty related activities like food shopping and cleaning to do (yawn). So here's to another busy Friday! More crafty reltaed news however, is that I've got lots of new ideas for Princess Pearl which I'm quite excited about, I always like trying new techniques. I'd love to know what you're upto today. What are you working on this weekend? Have you got any designs in the pipeline? Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Thankyou for reading.

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