Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine's Day

I know there are many people who don't believe in Valentine's Day, who say it is just a money making scheme and that partners should show each other affection every day. However, I do believe in it. Ofcourse it's important to show love, care, and tenderness towards each other every day, but if you have a busy life, which most people do have, it can become quite difficult to put aside the time. So for just one day a year I think it's nice to make that special effort to show that no matter what gets in the way, you're still the pair of lovebirds you always were. So here's my Valentine's Day gallery to give you some inspiration.
Thankyou to everyone who gave me permission to use their lovely items in my Valentines gallery. Hope you have enjoyed browsing, and please support Great British makers by liking their pages :) Thankyou for reading and hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day


  1. Hi from a new follower x Thanks for using my love banner pic (andies accessories)I love all the items you've picked. I'm slightly undecided over valentines day,I think maybe its more of a thing for when you first get together but then again I still like the idea of showing my beloved I care with a card and a little token. We've toned things down from the proper gift, big padded card and special dinner we used to have when we first got together over 20 years ago though.

  2. Hi, thankyou for following! I agree, it does seem to be a bigger deal when your relationship is new. We've never gone overboard on valentines day, but we do like to buy each other a little something.X

  3. Thanks so for using some of my items. Have to agree about the toning it down....we never do the dinner out on Valentines anymore......but HAVE to do cards x