Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bit of a Folksy fix

Hellooo. I love to look on quite alot...nearly every night actually... so I decided to choose a theme and see what came up. So I chose a floral theme and picked out some beauties that caught my eye. I think you will agree that their a talented bunch of people :)
These gorgeous wooden earrings are the perfect present for someone who loves unique. No two are the same and priced at just £5.00 from Cissyface Vintage, they are an affordable treat too.
For a bit of monochrome flower power, this beautifully made coin purse from Grace and Firefly really fits the bill. Priced at £8.50, this purse is a perfect mix of modern with a vintage lace twist.
Why not dress up your little chefs in this sweet pink floral childrens apron from Daisywillow for just £13.00. It even has a little pocket in the front to stash the spoon.
This ultra-feminine floral and polka dot cushion from Polka Dots and Posies priced at £15.00 would be perfect for any little girls room...or maybe just keep it for yourself.
For those looking for bridal accessories with a natural twist, look no further than Bee Smith Bridal Accessories. This pink floral and pearl headband is £19.50
This lovely necklace from Jewels by Susan features beautiful silk covered beads in aqua and pink plus other variations at her Folksy store. This beauty is priced at £20.00
Floral Handbound Notebook
For something a little bit different but equally as beautiful. For such an amount of work £20.00 is very reasonable and is available from Kate Bowles
Little Floral Mammoth
This sweet little mammoth is made from the prettiest blue floral fabric. It costs £24.99 and is available from Big Feet Bears.
I hope you have enjoyed this floral themed post, check out more Folksy finds next Wednesday x

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  1. What a lovely blog! Thank you so much for sharing my floral and polka dot cushion, so verty kind of you. Shall be back and chuffed to be your first follower :) xx